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We regularly get feedback from parents, grandparents, teachers and everyone else that plays an important role in children’s lives. They trust us with their children’s education. We have over a decade of experience, since 2005, and are just as passionate about what we do as when we started! Our goal is to make a difference not only in children’s academic performance and the way they approach learning, but also in other areas of their development.

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Thank you very much for your services. Suddenly I am a lot less stressed about high school!

~ Nita Schoonwinkel

Dear Nita,

Thanks for the feedback. We are glad to hear this. Good luck with high school. It’s only a short time before you all are used to it.

Kind regards

ASP School Projects

I want to compliment you on the information available on your system – its great.

~ Marissa Gous

Dear Marissa,

Thank you very much. We are glad to hear that it helped you.

Kind regards

ASP School Projects

I would like to thank you for your speedy service. Allow me as a grandmother to brag a little. So far my grandchild received 100% in all her grade 4 exams, as well as all her assignments. I know it's “early days”, but ASP School Projects makes my job so much easier. I am a very satisfied grandmother.

~ Sharleen Trosello

Dear Sharleen,

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it. It's great to hear that your grandchild is doing so well. Congratulations on the 100% for her tests. You can be very proud! We are very glad for you.

Kind regards

ASP School Projects

I have and can highly recommend your package for my friends and family and my wife looks forward to using the resources etc. to prepare our son for the new school year!!

~ Louis Greeff

I have been using the program for 6 months now. I just want to say I’m so impressed. It helps me a lot! I am very thankful that you have come across my path. Thank you for the hard work and uploading the information. This makes our burden much lighter. I just wish more parents will sign up for the program.

~ Elske van Dyk

Dear Elske,

Thank you for your positive feedback.

Kind regards

ASP School Projects

I am excited about the projects and have started going through all the grade 5 data. I see good results for my grandson in Grade 5. After my granddaughter went to Europe last year as exchange student and came back, I signed up for the last term and she retained her academic position despite losing out on some work. ASP School Projects is really helpful to me. The blog helps immensely. Even though I am almost 80 years old I benefit from it so much. What a privilege to have grandchildren and to help them reach their potential. Thank you very much for this product!

~ Lida Swanevelder

Dear Lida,

Thank you for your feedback. What a wonderful story from a wonderful granny! We are very pleased to hear that you are interested in your grandchildren’s future and enjoy working with them.

Kind regards

ASP School Projects

I'm still new to ASP School Projects and have yet to become accustomed to my workload being lighter. You see, my child is ADHD and he is also in a special school to help him. I always had to spend hours helping him with his assignments, but then we had no time for other things. I am still busy surfing certain things on the ASP School Projects website and I find that if I had joined sooner, I could have helped my child even more quickly. I appreciate the brilliant website you created. Thank you very much.

~ Lucille Terblanche

Dear Lucille,

Thank you for your positive feedback. We thank you for sharing your child’s story with us. We wish you the very best.

Kind regards

ASP School Projects

We have greatly benefited from your wonderful products and pray that our Father bless you. May you just grow every moment.

~ Alta Oberholzer

Dear Alta,

Thank you very much for your feedback and blessings.

Kind regards

ASP School Projects

I bought a subscription this year for the Grade 6 Prime Package. First of all, I would like to mention that this product was great for my child’s preparation for assignments, exams and extra fun and interesting facts.

~ Linda Smit

Thank you very much for your service, my children benefit from it. Your programme helps a lot with exam preparation.

~ Lizel Venter

Dear Lizel,

Thank you for your positive feedback.

Kind regards

ASP School Projects

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