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We regularly get feedback from parents, grandparents, teachers and everyone else that plays an important role in children’s lives. They trust us with their children’s education. We have over a decade of experience, since 2005, and are just as passionate about what we do as when we started! Our goal is to make a difference not only in children’s academic performance and the way they approach learning, but also in other areas of their development.

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Thank you for continuous, speedy, friendly service. This website is great and helps us a lot!

~ Retha van As

Thank you for a WONDERFUL website, it's worth every penny! I joined your online subscription last night and am excited about all the things I’m learning with my child.

~ Cherise Fourie

Dear Cherise,

Thank you so much for your support and positive feedback! We believe that you will find the information useful and learn a lot with your children. Enjoy!

Kind regards

ASP School Projects

I would like to thank you all for the excellent service and outstanding products you deliver to our children, because if you have 3 children and run your own business, it can be very hectic at times.

~ Marita Greyvenstein

Dear Marita,

Thank you very much for your review. We are pleased to hear that we are helping your family. Good luck with your three children’s academics.

Kind regards

ASP School Projects

It's now the third year I’ve signed up on your website! My son is fond of any sport and it takes a lot of time. Thank you for all the information and papers. It is so useful. I’m a busy mom and don’t always have much time. Excellent service and definitely value for money!

~ Annelie van Graan

Dear Annelie,

Thank you for your message and for your support over the years. We are very pleased to hear we help busy parents with busy children! Good luck with your son’s academics and sports!

Kind regards

ASP School Projects

Thank you for providing top quality information for our children. It is fairly priced with excellent, friendly service!

~ Hennie Swanepoel

Dear Hennie,

Thank you very much for your feedback and thank you for your support. Good luck with your children's education.

Kind regards

ASP School Projects

Ever since we subscribed to the website, my children’s marks improved significantly. It is good to test their knowledge and your papers are of high quality. Thank you for sending out emails regularly and keeping us up to date with the latest information.

~ Petro Rossouw

Every day I do my homework with my grandchild. It’s nice that I can work out the papers with her. Now I know she is on the right path. Her marks have improved by 30% and she is in the Top 10. Thank you for your excellent products.

~ Pine Pienaar

Dear Pine,

Thank you very much for your message. Congratulations on your grandchild's achievement! That’s great news!

Kind regards

ASP School Projects

It is now the fifth year we buy your products. My son achieved excellent marks in his exam. Thank you for regularly updating the website.

~ Maritza Stander

Dear Maritza,

Thank you for your positive feedback and loyal support over the years. Very happy about your son's good marks!

Kind regards

ASP School Projects

Thank you for a fantastic website with excellent resources. I once again renewed our annual subscription and it is worth every penny in our busy household.

~ Adri Oberholzer

I would like you to know how impressed I am with the ASP School Projects website. The service that your admin people gave was excellent. I was initially quite worried about paying something over the internet but am excited to say the service is brilliant!

~ Karen Hanekom

Dear Karen,

Thank you very much for your compliments. We really appreciate it.

Kind regards

ASP School Projects

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