Thursday, 01 October 2020

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Our website got a makeover! We can’t wait for you experience it!

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After two years of conceptualisation, careful planning and dedication we are thrilled to introduce our new website to you. We would like you to be part of the educational revolution in South Africa. If you have an active subscription it is automatically transferred to the new website. You can enjoy all the benefits at no additional cost. If you have not signed up yet, this is your chance! We are having a massive launch sale. Save 55% on everything. All products are already discounted on our website.

Be a part of this new chapter in ASP School Project’s history:
1. Welcome to our new website.
2. What is new?
3. About our products.
4. Launch sale 55% off.
5. Sign up with us.

1. Welcome to our new website.

ASP School Projects is a digital educational platform that provides high quality study resources for Grade 1 – 10 learners following CAPS. Our belief in the unlimited potential of children makes it our mission to strive for excellence in the support of their academic achievement.

We are always seeking unique methods that offer support to children in their education. After two years of conceptualisation, careful planning, hard work and dedication we are extremely happy to introduce our new website to you. We believe that the new site will be superior in every way.

If you are an existing user, we hope you enjoy this new platform. You can simply log into your account on the new site and enjoy the benefits at no additional cost. To log in for the first time on the new website you’ll have to reset your password.

If you are a new user, we wish you a warm welcome.

We thank you for being on this journey with us. We are just getting started with changing children’s lives.

2. What is new?

New and improved features and functionality include:

  • Redesigned website with a fresh look
  • Grade 10 Exam Papers and Answers
  • Updated and additional content
  • Improved content arrangement in categories
  • Thorough descriptions of products and documents
  • Clear indications to easily navigate the website
  • Useful information on various webpages
  • Blog articles integrated on the website
  • Gallery with interesting facts and inspirational quotes
  • Simplistic payment methods for 2 or 3 learners
  • Simplistic debit order facility
  • Discount code feature
  • Overall improved user experience

3. About our products.

The purpose of our learning materials is to boost their academic progress and produce outstanding results by making learning easy, fun and interesting. We specialise in practice exam papers and worksheets with answers. All subjects from Grade 1 – 10 are based on CAPS. The various study programmes complement each other and are available in packages. Our learning material is thorough and easily accessible. All content is downloadable; printable PDF files.

Click on the grade of your choice for details. Visit our products page here.

4. Launch sale 55% off.

To celebrate this special event, we are having a massive launch sale!

Save 55% on everything.

Offer starts: 01-10-2020
Offer ends: 31-10-2020

All products are already discounted on our website.

Do you have two children?
Save an additional 20% on two packages.

5. Sign up with us.

Get access to our valuable resources by signing up.

We offer online-based subscriptions for high quality educational content. Subscription plans are available as packages or individual products.

Register on our website to create your profile and login details. An account is required to activate your subscription with downloadable products.

Please visit this page for complete steps to sign up.

The best way to ensure success in the classroom is to start working right now. Give your children the best opportunity to reach their potential. Sign up now.

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After two years of conceptualisation, careful planning and dedication we are thrilled to introduce o...



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