Thursday, 11 February 2021

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Schools open soon! Don’t panic!

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Schools open soon! It offers exciting new challenges. Your children have the opportunity to see their friends at school again, to make new friends and obviously to learn something new!

Returning to school means hard work and long hours. Do not feel anxious about the challenges that lie ahead!

Here are 20 creative ways how you can inspire your children to give their best in school:
1. 20 Ways to inspire your children in school.
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1. 20 Ways to inspire your children in school.

  1. Wish them a wonderful day first thing in the morning when you wake them up.
  2. Say that you are proud of them when you drop them off at school or the bus.
  3. Leave a short note in their school bag to say that you love them.
  4. Leave an encouraging note in their lunchbox that they can read during their break. Remember to pack their lunchbox with healthy snacks that will give them energy and not only sweets!
  5. Leave a sticky note on their desk that will motivate them to do homework when they get back from school.
  6. Send an inspirational picture to them if they have a mobile device (which they definitely shouldn’t use in class!).
  7. Ask them what they want to eat for dinner. Make one of their favourite meals if they have worked really hard.
  8. When you see them in the evening ask them about their day and tell them that you missed them.
  9. Ask them if they need any help with schoolwork or homework.
  10. Make sure they know they can approach you if they need any non-school related advice from you.
  11. Tell them stories about when you were in school and how you dealt with growing up.
  12. Share your enthusiasm for learning new things.
  13. Buy/Take out books from the library on topics they find interesting.
  14. Watch educational documentaries with them on subjects they learn about in school.
  15. Get to know other parents that are inspiring to their children. Being part of a group of parents that care can make a big difference in helping your child out if you need it.
  16. Encourage your child to be friends with classmates that are also hard-working and take their education seriously. The more they support each other and build a positive environment the better for all.
  17. Meet your children’s teachers.
  18. Show interest and take part in any events the school organises.
  19. Reward them with something special every once in a while if you see that they have worked hard and eared it. It doesn’t always have to be lavish gifts. It can be as simple as giving your time to talk with them or taking them for an ice-cream.
  20. Encourage them to try out new things and never to be afraid of following their dreams... Even if their classmates don’t always see it. Big risks can lead to big rewards. If they fall down with the first try, you’ll be there to help them back up again.

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With the help of our resources your children can set their study schedule and pace according to their own personality, needs and progress. By setting their own pace, their brains will be able to retain more information and make lasting memories. This method will be more effective and produce better results. Learning this way is also much more fun!

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The best way to ensure success in the classroom is to start working from day one. Give your children the best opportunity to reach their potential.

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